11/15/2013 - Aztech Launches Customer Service Web Portal

Aztech Locknut Company is pleased to introduce our Customer Service Portal, accessible from our website, www.aztechlocknut.com.  We invite you to visit the portal and try it out.  There you will find a variety of live information, from open orders and shipment tracking to certs, quotes and open invoices.  Online, immediate access to our shared activities will save time for your Purchasing, Sales, and Accounting departments. To download this as a pdf, click here.

Some questions you may have as we get started:

Q: How do I access the Customer Portal?
A: At the top right corner of Aztech’s website homepage, www.aztechlocknut.com, there is a box labeled Client Login/Registration.

Q: How do I sign in for the first time?
A: Once you’ve clicked on the link above, select “Request Logon” and a password will be sent to the email you provide.  If you’ve misplaced your password, there is a Forgot Password button as well.

Q: Will my recently-placed open orders show up right away?
A: Yes, the portal runs live with our own database, so you will see your orders as soon as they are entered into Aztech’s system as well as all purchasing history for the past year.

Q: Will the Customer Service Portal help me track shipments?
A: Yes, you may retrieve copies of your packing list and other shipping documents, and even access UPS tracking number links and truck shipment Pro numbers.

Q:  Can I get a copy of a cert for an order that has already shipped to me?
A:  Yes, along with shipment tracking information, if certs were requested with your PO a copy will be available from the website. 

Q: What if I have questions regarding use of the Customer Portal?
A: Our Inside Sales team is trained on use of the portal and stand ready to serve you at 800-321-5625 or sales@aztechlocknut.com.

Depending on your system, when first accessing the portal, you may be asked to download Silverlight, a free program for running content-rich internet applications. 

While you are visiting our website, www.aztechlocknut.com, check out other features such as Engineering support information and enhanced product details!