5/10/2012 - Aztech's New Lab Accredition

Aztech Locknut Company is pleased to announce that on May 10, 2012, an accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 was awarded by AClass. Our independent QA lab, Torque & Tension Lab & Consulting, is now positioned to support our product sales and service our customers with technical testing & analysis of assemblies with locknuts. In addition to traditional dimensional attribute and plating measurement, the lab is certified to test the following:

• Torque & Tension Testing
• Automated Locknut Torque Analysis
• Coefficient of Friction
• MIL-SPEC & Junker Vibration Testing
• Metallurgical Microscope Analysis
• Steel Chemical Analysis
• Magnetic Permeability
• Surface Finish

Quickly becoming a benchmark for the locknut industry, the Aztech Quality system has pushed into the advanced requirements and inspection capabilities demanded by World Class industrial users of locknuts as well as US Government and Aerospace industries. These include our AS9100C Quality System and Department of Defense registration to Qualified Supplier List Class III Threaded Fasteners, Manufacturer.

Established in 1978 and headquartered in Aurora, IL, Aztech Locknut Company is a high quality manufacturer and supplier of a full range of locknut products, including all-metal and nylon insert locknuts in inch and metric sizes.

For more information about Aztech Locknut Company or their products contact them at 1-800-321-5625. You can also contact them via email at sales@aztechlocknut.com or visit them on the internet at www.aztechlocknut.com.