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Aztech Locknut is the one manufacturer that provides confidence to Engineers who require locknuts with reliable performance, dependable delivery, and competitive piece price. We introduce our customers to technical innovations that lead to cost improvement and trouble-free applications,  with 98+% on-time delivery.

We provide a range of high quality products from basic standards to fully custom designs. Our superior testing reduces the time required for you to purchase , inspect, and install locknuts.  Any time you require professional advice and expertise, your Aztech team stands ready with unparalleled product and industry knowledge.



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Application Considerations for Prevailing Torque Locknuts that Secure Hydraulic Cylinder Piston Rods to Pistons

Hydraulic cylinders are used to convert pressure and flow from a hydraulic pump into linear force and work. They are traditionally popular components in a multitude of machines that require linear actuation. Because the basic design is scalable, they have been adapted to a large range of diameter, stroke, and pressure configurations.

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