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Terms and Conditions

PRICE: Prices based on ordering entire quantity quoted. Orders of lesser quantity may require re-quotation. Prices, title, and risk of loss are F.O.B our warehouse.

QUANTITY: Industry standards allow for shipment quantities to be +/- 10% of order quantities and Aztech Locknut Company will sometimes utilize this range of tolerance. As a normal practice, Aztech Locknut Company will ship quantities ordered plus a quantity to provide full boxes or a partial box that results from the end of a packaging run.

DELIVERY: No transportation allowance. Shipping method to be at seller's discretion unless Buyer specifies routing. Shipments will not be insured unless specified by the Buyer. Aztech Locknut Company will not be responsible or assume cost for the failure of pick up, delivery, damage, or insurance or any other unusual delivery cost. Any dates or schedules which may be specified for the delivery of the Goods have been stated only approximately and are estimated from the date of receipt of Buyer’s order, with complete specifications and other information reasonably requested by Aztech in order to proceed with the manufacture of the Goods and Aztech shall not incur any liability, either direct or indirect, nor shall any order be cancelled, because or as a result of any delays in meeting such dates or schedules. Aztech reserves the right to satisfy delivery of the Goods through partial delivery and part performance.

CANCELLATION: Orders are not subject to cancellation, change and reduction in amount or quantity without authorization from either party. Special items are non-cancelable and non-returnable.

Aztech Locknut Company will make every effort to supply items at quoted prices. Aztech Locknut Company cannot guarantee availability or price at time of order due to changing supply and market conditions.

FORCE MAJEURE. Aztech shall not be liable to Buyer for any damages resulting from any delay in delivery of Goods or from any delay in the performance of any obligation of Aztech which delay is due to (i) any act of God; (ii) Aztech’s being required to fulfill any government order for Goods, or any order for Goods placed under any allocation program (mandatory or voluntary) established pursuant to law; (iii) local labor shortage, fire, flood, or other casualty; (iv) governmental regulation or requirement; (v) a shortage of raw materials, supplies, fuel, power, or transportation; (vi) equipment failures; (vii) any strike, labor dispute, or difference with workers, regardless of whether or not Aztech might be able to settle any such strike, dispute or difference; or (viii) any other cause beyond Aztech’s reasonable control.

Limited Warranty
Our only warranty obligation is to replace any item proved defective in material or workmanship. All other warranties, express or implies, including without limitation the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for purpose, are disclaimed.

We shall not be liable in contract, warranty, tort, or otherwise for consequential, special, exemplary or incidental damages. In no event shall our liability exceed the purchase price. Enforcing the limited replacement rights in your exclusive remedy.

PROCESS ONLY ORDERS: Aztech Locknut Company reserves the right to re-quote after receipt of customer material. Price changes can result from multiple lots, plating issues and non-conforming material. All customer material is subject to incoming inspection prior to process production. Machine set up will result in some loss of product. Aztech Locknut Company will make every effort to minimize material loss.