AS9100 is an aerospace version of ISO 9000. Auditors familiar with both standards consider AS9100 to have similarities to TS16949. For Aztech, AS9100 is our core Quality Standard with support efforts and documentation company wide.

Operating within AS9100 is our Laboratory Accreditation to ISO 17025. While AS9100 requires the lab operate within certain standards, ISO 17025 represents a comprehensive increases in requirements to meet the highest demands for compliance for lab technicians, the test equipment, testing process and reporting practices.

As the universally accepted Environmental Management System, ISO 14001 is a very important certification for us. Compliance to ISO 14001 defines Aztech as involved in efforts to improve the environment of our workplace and our positive influence on the environment of our community.

Similar to ISO 14001, 50001 is the international standard for energy conservation. New in 2011, Aztech implemented this standard into operations within a year of its release. ISO 50001 requires a regular analysis of energy use along with identifying opportunities for improvement and implementation of those OFI’s.

Aztech Quality Operating System
Aztech maintains a healthy Quality Operating System as required by AS9100. During our monthly meeting attended by all available managers, each of the QOS measurable objectives is reported, discussed and acted upon; Customer On Time Delivery, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Complaints, Returned Goods, Sales Growth, Labor Efficiency, Supplier On Time Delivery, Supplier Compliance, Service Supplier Scrap, Lost Value, Recycling, Safety and Processing Scrap.



Quality management systems at Aztech Locknut