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Locking Thread LOADNut and LOADNut+

Product Description

The unique LOAD NUT spins on freely on standard blots until it is seated in the assembly.  As clamp load is induced, the locking element engages the bolt through a special contour cut into the nut threads.  The LOAD NUT is capable of withstanding vibration levels and forces that would cause other types of locking elements to fail.

The LOAD NUT+ combines the vibration resisting power of the Locking Thread device with the holding power of our popular Tech Lock+ for unprecedented locking performance in critical applications.


The LOAD NUT and LOAD NUT+ are the products to use in your most dynamic vibration assemblies; engine accessories, power tools, vibrating feed systems and high vibration assemblies in vehicles.  The LOAD NUT + is a popular replacement for assemblies where rivet type fasteners were previously required.

For additional technical information, see the Locking Thread web page under the TECH SUPPORT flag.  


Available Sizes

Nut Type Grade Lock Size Thread Availability

Load Nut Flange 8 Thread 1/4" - 1" Coarse and Fine Contact for Current Status

Load Nut + Flange G Load & Tech + 1/4" - 1" Tech + Coarse and Fine, 2B Contact for Current Status