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Wing Nut WCA

Product Description

The Wing Insert locknuts are produced by forming and tapping wing nuts that include a tubular feature on top that receives a nylon cap. The tubular top is crimped to hold the cap from spinning while the mating part self threads into the nylon during assembly. The nylon ring size and crimping process to secure the ring must be controlled to tight tolerances.


The Wing Nylon Insert locknut is commonly used on equipment access panels or adjustments where the task may be completed without tools. Due to finger manipulation, Wing Nylon Insert locknuts have lower prevailing torque levels. Nylon Inserts are not damaging to mating part threads, but have temperature and torque erosion limitations.

Available Sizes

Nut Type Grade Lock Size Thread Availability

Standard Wing NA Top 1/4" - 3/8" Coarse, 2B Contact for Current Status