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Thin Cone Collar Jam Locknut

Product Description

The Cone-Collar locknut has a cone shaped reduced section (or collar) formed at the top of the nut. This reduced section creates a flexible dynamic to the locking element slowing the rate of prevailing torque decay and is deflected axially in three locations, which distribute the thread interference more evenly than an Automation nut.


Available Sizes

Part No. Thread Grade
75FTCLC 3/4-16 UNF 2B C
87FTCLC 7/8-14 UNF 2B C
100FTCLC 1-14 UNF 2B C
112FTCLC 1 1/8-12 UNF 2B C
125FTCLC 1 1/4-12 UNF 2B C
137FTCLC 1 3/8-12 UNF 2B C
150FTCLC 1 1/2-12 UNF 2B C