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Manufacturing Processes

All metal crusherInstalling Locking Elements
The core competency by Aztech Locknut Company is the installation of locking features in All-Metal Locknuts.  Beginning in the mid 1970’s experience and development has grown to a level that now incorporates highly technical press machines and testing equipment. Aztech has refined the approach to impressing nuts such that for each product group, the highest quality deflection is installed and greatest part to part consistency is achieved.

Tooling works in concert with machines as integral sensors relay information to the machine that assures each cycle is consistent & complete. “Smart” processors determine the machine operating speed to maximize the output every hour with minimal required operator oversight. No tools quick change and “First Part Good” set-up technology means Aztech is the small lot specialist. Capabilities range from #6 through 4”.

Big Collar LocknutsLocknut Torque Test Machines
The most beneficial advancement in the locking process is the production floor torque testing machines. Our custom designed machines work in concert with the locking machine & tooling system and visually guide the operator adjustments to center the prevailing torque. The torque test machines are precise and record all results, removing data entry errors.  Machines handle standard locknuts in size ranges from #4 through 4”.

CNC Turning
Fully automated parts handling allows for fast cycle rates with low operator work loads.  The precision, consistency and variety of turning configurations of CNC allows Aztech to provide great diversity in high tolerance parts.  Size capacity ranges from 5/8” through 4” nut size.    

tapping-sm(1)-leftNut Tapping
Aztech utilizes a variety of tapping machines, from standard multi spindle bent shank to specialized high precision electronic. Capacity ranges from #6 through 3”.

Slitting / Slotting
High speed, automatic feed machines deliver nuts with the typical 6 slots or slits in a variety of depths and width. Size ranges from #6 through 7/8”.