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AS9100D is an aerospace version of ISO 9001. Auditors familiar with both standards consider AS9100D to have similarities to TS16949. For Aztech, AS9100D is our core Quality Standard with support efforts and documentation company wide.

Operating within AS9100 is our Laboratory Accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025. While AS9100D requires the lab operate within certain standards, ISO/IEC 17025 represents a comprehensive increases in requirements to meet the highest demands for compliance for lab technicians, the test equipment, testing process and reporting practices.

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Quality Assurance


The Aztech Locknut Quality Assurance Laboratory is ISO 17025/2017 certified and registered as torque and tension laboratory and consulting. While the focus of the lab is to test and report on locknuts, bolts are typically used in the destructive prevailing torque testing, extending the labs capability to include the inspection of externally threaded parts.  

Aztech Locknut Company is AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 certified.


In 1991 the Aztech Locknut Company lab was first accredited to A2LA requirements. The company’s QS9000 accreditation occurred in 1999. Aztech Locknut achieved accreditation to AS9100 on March 11, 2004. Surveillance audit for AS9100C was completed in March 2014.

Accreditation to ISO 14001 was achieved in October, 2009. Aztech Locknut is added to the DOD Qualified Supplier List as an approved supplier of Class II internally threaded fasteners in September of 2011, then upgraded to Class III on November 21, 2011.   The expanded Aztech Lab Accreditation to ISO 17025 was completed in 2014.

The Quality Assurance operations at Aztech routinely develop PPAP’s and ISIR’s to customer standard and special requirements.

Aztech Locknut Supplier Partners are evaluated and scored routinely on their quality, on-time delivery and compliance to an array of Aztech specific standards outlined in the Aztech Locknut Supplier Manual.

Incoming Material Inspections occur at levels and frequencies that relate to each supplier.  Product attributes are ranked according to customer or industry standards as critical or non-critical and non-conformances are addressed as accordingly.  

In the production floor, First Article & In-Process Inspections are performed on a strict schedule.  Any non-conformance triggers an immediate and effective response from management.

Before products are shipped, it undergoes a Final Inspection of the critical and non-critical attributes, including visual.

Aztech Management meets as the Material Review Board, where every issue related to product quality or on-time delivery is discussed and dispositioned.