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Cone DIN 980V

Product Description

This popular cone shaped locknut is also referred to as Stover, Unitorque, Crownlock and Autolock. The Automation Locknut is manufactured with precision to ensure uniform bearing and chamfered surfaces. The cone shape makes an excellent receiver for the locking element which produces consistent prevailing torque results.


The cone shape allows for orientation of the locknut for high volume automated assembly, thus the Automation name. Mating part must extend at least one full thread past the nut surface to assure locking element engagement. The clean appearance of the lock on cone makes for easy assembly inspection in more critical applications.

Available Sizes

Nut Type Class Lock Size Thread Availability

Cone ISO 7042 8 Top M5 - M39 Coarse & Fine Contact for Current Status

Cone ISO 7042 10 Top M5 - M39 Coarse & Fine Contact for Current Status