Aztech Locknut provides confidence to Engineers who require locknuts with reliable performance, dependable delivery, and competitive piece price. We introduce our customers to technical innovations that lead to cost improvement with 98+% on-time delivery.

Ask customers what makes Aztech Locknut an outstanding supplier and you’ll hear a lot of different answers. “Reliable delivery.” “Competitive prices.” “Trusted quality.” “Innovative technology.” “Personal service.”

Aztech Locknut old manufacturing machineryAsk company President Mark Kaindl how it came to be this way, and you’ll get the same answer every time: Great people. Since its inception, Aztech Locknut has sought out and secured tremendous talent throughout its ranks. Contributing to its continued success and evolution are many of the industry’s best people.  A remarkable percentage of the Aztech team has been helping to pull the rope for 10 years or longer.

Aztech Locknut is strategically headquartered in a high-tech, two-story office, warehouse, and manufacturing facility in Aurora, IL. Exceeding requirements for advanced environmental energy use, the facility has achieved LEED EB Gold level status. The technical evolution of the building complements the innovative progress of Aztech’s AS 9100 certified quality systems.

Aztech Locknut entrepreneur notesWhen Mark Kaindl founded an engineering company as a twenty-year-old entrepreneur, he needed to give it a name. To create the perfect name, Mark applied a simple, but creative formula. Mark wanted his company to appear early in lists so he figured it ought to start with the letter A. He also wanted the name to communicate the comprehensive nature of his A-to-Z offerings. Finally, he needed the company to sound cutting edge and technical.

A + Z + Tech = Aztech

The same pragmatic brilliance that gave Aztech its name has served the company well through more than 35 years of growth and innovation. From a humble one-man engineering shop to a progressive engineering thinktank, Aztech is helping to Locknut manufacturing technologyredefine how locknuts are manufactured and tested.

Today, Aztech is a thriving locknut manufacturing company because it provides its customers with confidence. That confidence comes from the knowledge that Aztech will deliver quality products on Locknut manufacturing capabilitiestime, and at a competitive price. It also comes from the trust customers have that Aztech will continue to introduce them to cost-saving technical innovations before anyone else in the industry. That’s why Aztech delivers Integrity, locked in.