In 2008, Aztech embarked on a project to convert our conventional building into a LEED-EB certified building. Now, 6 years later, all the LEED-EB Gold requirements have been installed and are functional. As part of our LEED-EB Gold certification, Aztech is always open to tour and view all of the updates to the building. This tour will walk you through the various operational areas of the company showing you how our business works while highlighting the 42 environmental attributes of the building that are not typically found in this type of industrial facility. You will see that the company has been through some effort and expense to install and operate these special features. The reason for this is fourfold, 1) employee comfort and satisfaction, 2) increased business opportunities, 3) savings from lower utility and maintenance costs and 4) increased property value. All four of these justifications for the effort have been realized to the extent projected at the development stage of the transformation. To download a pdf of the tour brochure, click on the image below.