Inch Sizes - All-Metal - Full Hex Center Lock

Product Description

This simple locknut is produced by installing 3 deflections in alternate flats precisely in the center the nut hex. The low cost of the basic nut and typical high volume production make the Full Hex Center Locknut inexpensive when compared to most alternatives.



Full Hex Center locknuts are suited for low cost and low value applications. The center locknut can be installed from either direction, simplifying automatic feed or speeding hand assembly. Mating parts must only extend to flush with the hex nut top surface to assure locking element engagement. Assemblies will appear basic and locking feature somewhat hidden.


Available Sizes

Nut Type Grade Lock Size Thread Availability

Full Hex A Center #8 - 1" Coarse and Fine, 2B Stock

Full Hex B Center #10 - 1" Coarse and Fine, 2B Limited Stock

Full Hex


Center 1/4" - 1" Coarse and Fine, 2B Limited Stock