Product Description

These high strength large diameter Hex and Jam nuts are manufactured to very tight tolerances with thread pitches that will pass post plating inspections for most finishes. Parts through 2" are manufactured to configurations that tolerate bulk plating & handling process without damage to the threads.



These basic nut products are for applications where there is a requirement for high strength large diameter product that is certified as compliant to the consensus standards. The unique value added thread tolerance and configuration features anticipate common problems encountered when plating large diameter nuts.


Available Sizes

Nut Type Grade Lock Size Thread Availability

Hex Nut 8 None 1-1/8" - 3" Coarse and Fine, 2B Contact for Current Status

Jam Nut 8 None 1-1/8" - 1-1/2" Coarse & Fine, 2B Contact for Current Status