Free Spin - K-Loc and Double Serrated Flex Locknut

Product Description

The K-Loc and the Double Serrated Hex feature tension induced locking features, they require clamp load to secure the lock. Serrations on the hardened K-Loc free spinning washer and both sides of the Double Serrated Hex locknut are angled to grip the mating material and require greater torque to remove that was required to install in the assembly.



K-Loc nuts are preferred in assemblies where a lockwasher is the best securing option and the integral connection to the nut allows for a single component. Double Serrated nuts are popular in securing electrical connections to studs or for additional security when assembled with free spinning nuts.


Available Sizes

Nut Type Grade Lock Size Thread Availability

K-Lok 2 Tension #4 - 5/8" Coarse and Fine, 2B Contact for Current Status

Dbl Serrated Hex 2 Tension #10 - 3/8" Coarse & Fine, 2B Contact for Current Status