Metric - All-Metal Locknut - Acorn Center Lock DIN 1587 W/Lock

Product Description

The Acorn Center Lock nut machined from bar or if volumes and size allow, can be cold formed. Acorn locknuts are produced by installing 2 deflections in opposite flats precisely in the center the nut hex. Low Profile Acorn locknuts are not required to meet the thread start or torque requirements of Full Hex Center locknuts.



The Acorn locknut is used for either decorative purposes and/or to protect from scratches when surfaces would otherwise encounter exposed screw threads. Acorn Center locknuts are typically found in furniture, medical and recreational vehicle assemblies. Mating parts must extend at least one thread past the locking element to assure locking element engagement.


Available Sizes

Nut Type Class Lock Size Thread Availability

Low Profile 8 Center M5 - M12 Coarse Contact for Current Status