Free Spin - Serrated Flange Lock Nut

Product Description

This common flange shaped locknut is a hex drive nut and washer combination. Serrated Flange secure the assembly by locking to the surface under the nut once clamp load has been introduced. Case hardened locknuts are the standard while some applications may save heat treating cost by using "soft" Serrated Flange in soft material applications.



The flange makes the Serrated Flange locknut ideal when the assembling consist of thin materials, slots or non-precision oversize holes.  A clamp load is required to make the locking feature functional.  Typically initial removal torque exceeds installation torque.  The flange will usually require more torque to produce a clamp load than non-flange nuts. 


Available Sizes

Nut Type Grade Lock Size Thread Availability

Serrated Flange 2C Tension #8 - 5/8" Coarse and Fine, 2B Stock

Serrated Flange 2 Tension #8 - 5/8" Coarse and Fine, 2B Stock

Large Serrated


Tension #10 - 3/8" Coarse, 2B Limited Stock