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Locknut Application and technology  Questions, most commonly asked....
What is the finish of the mating Bolt?
The performance characteristics of the assembly are highly dependent on plating’s.

What is the grade or class of the mating bolt?
The mating bolt grade or class should be equivalent to the Locknut grade or class.

Grade A Nut =Grade 2 Bolt
Grade B/F = Grade 5 Bolt
Grade C/G Nut = Grade 8 Bolt

What is the locknut rundown length?
A long rundown length can lead to high prevailing torque or galling issues.

What is the speed of the installation?
High-speed installation can lead to high prevailing torque or galling issues. (IFI 100/107 recommends 30-rpm max for testing purposes.)

Is additional lubrication added during final application assembly?
Additional wax, oil or other chemicals added during assembly can lead to reduced or increased prevailing torque and changes in clamp load.






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