Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement

When choosing the right locknut and coating for your assembly, there are many things to consider. One common concern is hydrogen embrittlement. But what exactly is hydrogen embrittlement, how can a locknut be compromised due to this, and how can you stop it? The Problem Hydrogen embrittlement is a form of corrosion that weakens locknuts and may cause them to crack when under heavy loads. A ...Read More

The Importance of Corrosion Resistance Locknuts

According to G2MT Laboratories in 2016 alone, “corrosion will cost the US economy over 1.1 trillion dollars,” and that’s without measuring the damage it can do to a company’s reputation. No matter the industry, accidents and mishaps related to metal corrosion of equipment and materials is a substantial risk. Fortunately, technological advances have led to the creation of chemical compounds and ...Read More