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Sometimes choosing the right locknut isn’t as simple as picking a ready-made model off the shelf. Special applications often require non-standard locknuts that are specifically made to fit your unique use. Aztech Locknut has the ability to make many special modifications to our locknuts to help you get the right locknut for your application.


Below are a few of our capabilities with regards to non-standard locknuts. To see a full list of our capabilities view: For more information on how to evaluate non-standard nuts, check out our e-book, “Prevailing Torque Locknuts: Understanding Specifications Documents”.


Special Torque

Typically, customers who need special torque request a high torque range, a low torque, or a narrower torque limit. This is a simple adjustment to make and can be specified for any locking part. As such, it is one of the most common adjustments.


Special Nut Body Dimensions

There are limitless ways to specialize body types for locknuts. Special requests are all across the board and range from light hex tall nuts to heavy wall low profile flange nuts.


Special Thread or Thread Fit

We pride ourselves on our attention to the subtleties of thread fit, here at Aztech. We know that thread fit is incredibly important to controlling torque values. We can help you find the right fit through a variety of thread specialties such as extra fine threads, 3B thread fits, locking threads, and oversize threads.


Multiple Locking Elements

To satisfy the safety critical requirement of a specific application, sometimes assemblies require additional locking elements. Our experts apply the multiple locking features and check that each is performing within the required standards as well as checking it within the combined specification.


Special Platings and Finishes

Our close proximity to and relationships with metal finishers in Chicago means we can get a variety of finishes for your locknuts with short lead times and competitive prices. We also install several different wax dry lubricant types.


Custom Packaging and Labeling

We are willing to satisfy all packaging requests. We create packets of just a few, 100 packs, and Gaylord boxes. Simply specify your container and pallet labeling and if it should include bar code labels and product pictures.


Country of Origin Requirements

We can supply products compliant to Made in USA, NAFTA, or Most Favored Naiton without sacrificing quality or our competitive pricing.


We know that choosing a non-standard locknut can be difficult. Please feel free to call us with any questions you may have or to view our FREE e-book on choosing locknuts and understanding their specifications.



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Posted by Michael Kaindl