Nylon Insert or All Metal?






There are many specifications to consider when purchasing a locknut. The qualifications of different nuts can often be confusing and frustrating if you are unfamiliar with the mechanisms. One specification that is helpful when evaluating locknuts is whether or not the nut is all-metal or nylon insert.


All-Metal Locknuts

All-metal nuts are exactly as they sound. They are made of one solid piece of metal. Because all-metal nuts are one material they are very resistant to high temperatures and high chemical exposures.


Nylon Insert Locknuts

Nylon insert nuts, however, have a small ring of nylon within the metal outside of the locknut that squeezes the mating threads when the nut is tightened, thereby creating the prevailing torque. The nylon is able to provide a gas and moisture seal, which can be helpful in certain applications.



Nylon insert nuts can be reused a small number of times because the mating threads only deform the nylon instead of cutting into it and permanently altering the shape. All-metal locknuts are less likely to be used more than once since the mating threads wear away this locking feature.



The type of locknut you are examining should always be listed high on the specifications sheet. Consider the pros and cons of nylon insert or all-metal locknuts and how they might best fit your specific application. If you need help choosing the best type of locknut for your product, refer to our FREE guide on locknut specifications. If you still have questions on nylon insert vs. all metal nuts, or other specifications, please contact a representative today.



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Posted by Michael Kaindl